It was a well-meaning careers adviser who first directed Dave towards earning a crust with a pencil. Not as a commercial artist as he had hoped, but as a draughtsman. But first the battles with many a capstan lathe before emerging from his apprenticeship, clutch pencil in hand ready to take on the largest drawing board they could throw at him. It was not what he'd envisaged but, heh, it was a living. He even preceded the Aufwiedersehn Pet lads working as a contract draffie in Germany. It was in South Africa when he was able to make the break from the rigid lines of engineering to the meandering ones of the cartoonist.

That was back in '73 and since then our ink-spattered hero has leapt whole continents in his quest to avoid a proper job.

After twelve years on major SA nationals as editorial cartoonist and work for magazines, ad. agencies and even a TV series it was time to go. Lured by the editor of the West Australian Dave's career now took on an antipodean flavour culminating in the post of editorial cartoonist on the New Zealand Herald.

It was now time for another great leap - back to the sun-drenched shores of the good old U of K and the new kid on the block, Today which hosted Dave's editorial efforts until its demise some 8 years later. Six years on The Sun followed a 9 year spell illustrating the Littlejohn column. After 4 years in Scotland with the Sunday Mail Dave and wife Irene and their many animals returned to work from Lincolnshire. Mountain climbing is not his thing.